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2017-07-05 05:36 pm

4th of July

 Mark and I enjoyed the day off.  We slept in, went swimming, played basketball in the pool, and attempted shooting off some fireworks at home.  However the rain won but we enjoyed being silly in the rain.  Tonight was going to be a lake night.  We will have to wait to see if the weather clears.  We are enjoying being young together.

Onto my uncle, he decided a few months ago to leave his wife and move near me.  He never asked if I would help care for him. I'm busy enough with my brother and my regular responsibilities.  He has 3 boys.  It's time they step up.  I helped with his mom and I also helped with my mom in her final days.  I'm not trying to be cold hearted but I think and am pushing for his boys to step forward.  Bobby and Steven are single.   Bobby's kid is grown.  Simply, I'm not his kid so I'm forcing the issue by not being available to run to the hospital or deal with his every need.  I gave the case manager his kids phone number.  Thank goodness I've learned the value of NO!  I'm not turning my back on family but it's time.  Time his sons stepped up.  Mark understands why I'm doing it.  He and I just got married and it's time we enjoy life and play.  His boys rarely if ever check on me.  They try to take me for granted.  I've told Paul I'm busy with my grandson, work, and my life obligations.  I've told his sons.  Today I made a stance.  It feels good.  They best learn to step up or help get their dad in an assisted living facility.  

Now what play time activity can I find with the rain?!?!  Fun is calling my name.
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2017-07-02 11:28 pm


Adulting for me is to pay bills not live life.  Yes it's perfectly okay to wear your skimpy night gown, have a bonfire, play music, dance, while watching the neighbors fireworks, contemplating the next kid moment of sleeping under the stars on blow up mattresses in the back yard.  It's official.  I don't have to be a grown up until it's time to clock in.  My work does not define me.  It pays to let me be me.  
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2017-06-25 02:11 am

The Imperfect Perfect Moments....

This was by far my best wedding ever and I know I'm with an amazing man, my forever.  The imperfect moments is what made it the perfect moments,  

Based on the location of the wedding, I predicted that Scotty would get in the lake clothes and all.  He did.  But I'm so glad he was comfortable enough to be free enough to do it.  Ashley was like it's your fault.  I replied.  I knew he would that's why he's not in expensive clothes and he had flip flops,  He was free to be him. 

Major comedy moment.... my friend Crystals daughter came to me and said she lost Scotty.  I looked at Ashley and she had this distressed look.  She's like I know where Scotty is.  I was like read my lips across a crowd what's wrong.  My next reply, there's wipes in the car.  He went and shit behind a tree.  His reason so he'd have more room for cake.

I love how Ashley was dress.  I told her when I got her I'm glad you are dressed as you.  She had this simple long gray sundress with the high top to your knee converse type shoes with stars.  It was totally her.  I loved loved it.

The kids enjoyed the frisbees, coloring, Jenga, and getting wet.  We had a simple dinner menu and there was only about 20% of the food left.  Yeah.  We had a pizza bar, sweet kale salad, Italian pasta salad, and vegetable tray.  We had music playing in the background for those potential awkward silence moments which we ended up not having.  This was so relaxing, less stress, and it was beautiful out in nature.

I'm thankful for those who came and those I knew who couldn't come came in spirit,  All is well and all was fun.  
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2017-06-24 12:20 am

Himalayan Salt Lamp....

 Scotty likes my lamp in my bedroom.  I told him about 3 months ago it was a salt lamp.  He thought I was lying since Salt goes on food.  To get him to understand, I knew it was important to engage the senses. So I told him to lick the lamp.  Random moment before bed, he goes upstairs and asks Mark if he can lick the lamp as it's good.  
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2017-06-22 11:14 pm

June 22nd...Life is Good

The negative of the day was watching my future step mommy in law blow her nose in a napkin at the dinner table inside Rainbow Cuisine  then leaving her snot rag behind for the serving staff to clean up without even tipping 15%.  

The best moment of the day was going with my fiancé to the liquor store in total agreement of fuck it to get moonshine and laugh about the situation.  

His step mom is nasty.  Thank God she's not related to me.  
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2017-04-05 04:32 pm

Silence... (14)

Ode to silence
It's so loud
It's volume echoes
Thru me
Behind me
Around me
This the life
Of an empty nester.